About us

Andrew Krajewski

Andrew Krajewski director at Creative Property ProfessionalsHaving left university with a Physics degree I elected to teach and progressed through the ranks rapidly to become a Head of Science in a West London comprehensive within 4 years and eventually achieved a Deputy Headship in Berkshire.

Property investment had always fascinated me and consequently towards the end of my teaching career I started investing in traditional buy to lets, first in Oxfordshire and then spread west into South Wales. During this time I was head hunted to deliver property investment seminars focussing primarily on the different investment strategies and how to source highly motivated sellers with appropriate properties. Here I learnt something very interesting, namely that many people are not prepared to pay for their education and then they wonder why their property investing goes array. Consequently in order to stay abreast with what’s happening in the property world, I regularly attend property networking events and continue to invest in my own property education.

The basis for all my business dealings are honesty and integrity, underpinned by excellent communication to inform, set and manage client expectations. Although the client may not always be correct I always ensure that their needs are put first in order to deliver a result that matches their requirements and expectations.

If I sound like the kind of person that you'd like to work with, do give me a call and let's have an informal conversation about how I can help you achieve a better return on your funds through passive property investing.

Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds from Creative Property ProfessionalsPrior to my involvement with investment property, I was active in the IT Sector, which culminated in my appointment as Managing Director of a multi-million pound subsidiary of a global messaging company. In this role I was directly responsible for over 20 employees, nurturing the business to conistently achieve top sales country for each of the years that I managed the operation.

In 2005 I decided to take all of my experiences from the corporate sector and apply them to property related business ventures. During this time, I have travelled throughout the UK speaking on various subjects, including property investment, alternative pension allocation and general sales and marketing. I am especially proud of the relationships I've developed throughout these years.

I attribute a large part of my success to an ability to inspire, and to distill complex ideas into digestible morsels. I seek to support individuals in their own understanding so that they are active participants, rather than purely spectators.

Given that you are looking for new property strategies and support to build sustainable wealth, let's have a friendly chat.